Automatic Blinds are very useful for those who have young Childs in their house or any elder as well as physical disabilities people in their house. Modern technology has introduced various types of motorised blinds and curtains. You don’t have to put too much effort into your blinds operation. It doesn’t have potentially dangerous chords. Therefore it is safer for kids and pets of your house. It has specific mechanical parts and is providing the utmost convenience in blinds operation if you have hard to reach windows, or there are persons in your home who has mobility issues. Automatic Blinds are more expensive because they are more complex than manual blinds because an Electric Blinds need electrical equipment, mechanical parts, and all other expensive equipment. Now you can enjoy comfort and privacy with just a push of a remote button. On the other hand, the custom-built fabrics look better in motorised blinds due to its less handling and smoother operation and a timed or sensor activated Motorised Blinds in Melbourne make your home appear occupied while away.

Make your home smart with Automatic Blinds

Some brands are allowing you to connect with a home automation system that has smart home devices and will let you do the entire operation by voice or by remote click. On the other hand, you can control your window treatment through your smartphone or tablet. Now you can open your blinds, switch off your lights, or you can activate your home alarm system simply by using your smartphones. It’s time to live in a modern era and that too at its finest edge. Blinds Curtains and Shutters are offering an unbeatable range of Automatic Blinds that have multiple devices, and you can control and personalize it with smart programming. Modern updating features have brought voice control facility for your home’s window treatment. Now you can communicate and control your smart home products with your voice or by using a Smartphone, tablet or computer.

Our custom-built smart devices will help you to open the blinds, allow the external lights to come into your space or you can activate your home alarm even if you leave for work. Now you can schedule your Automatic Blinds operation according to your mood. You can set your blinds to open up early on a busy morning to make your room inside bright. You can roll down the blinds at bedtime or open your garage blinds door for the comfort of your car. Now you can monitor the light and temperature levels of your space with just a tap of your phone and is helping you to focus on more exciting things in life. It is also a great option to enhance your lifestyle, comfort, and security. Blinds Curtains and Shutters is providing Automatic Blinds with the smart mechanic and electric parts and equipment that are best in proven and tested by an Australian and European manufacturer. Our some of the brands that are included in our smart manufacturing are Becker, Somfy, Alpha, Saber, Acmeda wire free lithium ion battery.

Blinds Curtains and Shutters is inviting you to join in Automation community

Blinds Curtains and Shutters has already become an automated community and therefore are asking you to experience our smart window coverings. We are ensuring simple window treatment by designing smart Automatic Blinds that can be operated by remote controls and is offering you flexibility with endless motorisation. We are offering you a diverse range of window configuration and budget through our smart blinds made up by leading automation manufacturers. The key features you will get are a 240-volt mains powered system that is very compatible with your domestic power system — optional solar power as well as non powered 12-volt lithium ion battery operated by acmeda. It will give you 30 dB super quiet operation. Automatic Blinds are very compatible with a range of home automation system. We are offering both internal and external smart blinds along with 5-year warranty supported by the manufacturer.

Why is an automated blind going on high demand?

 Blinds Curtains and Shutters has introduced motorised system as well as a smart device in an array of products such as ziptrak blinds, roller blinds, roman blinds, curtain and sheers, internal sunscreen, awnings, fold arm awnings, plantation shutters. By installing those, you will enjoy natural window treatment without any movement. According to recent statistics, it has been seen that the significant Australian population is going to join the automated community in order to make their home smart. Why? Here are some reasons.

If there is any child, elderly or physically disabled person in your house, Automatic Blinds is enabling them to operate as well as take control of the operation of heavy blinds. Automation is helping them to get easy and allow operation of the blinds that are on a high in position or in a location difficult to reach.

These kinds of blinds are the most child-safe option in your window treatment as they don’t have any cords or a chain that is actually hazardous for young kids. Motorisation has brought the smart device and eliminates the presence of the manually operated device.

Automatic Blinds has been developed to incorporate the sun sensors, wind sensors as well as rain sensors. These sensors react instantly according to the weather condition. These smart blinds automatically deployed when the sun strikes on your building, on the other hand, wind and rain sensors ensure that the external shades are retracted instantly if the weather suddenly turns into the unpleasant one in order to protect the blinds from getting damaged.

Manual blinds have a major issue of wear and tear. At this point, Automatic Blinds eliminates the physical wear and tear because it doesn’t need manual operation and treatment. Once you install it all you need to do is to set the limits of internal top and bottom so that the blinds never exceed their intended position.

Modern automation, as well as motorisation, is offering the convenient assurance of operating single or multiple blinds in unison with the help of various remote controls. The smart device is also allowing you to get the whole operation done with the help of your smartphone, tablet or even laptop. Contact Blinds Curtains and Shutters today to experience our custom built smart blinds.

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