Custom Made Blinds are the modern solution of window furnishing. It has variety louvers that allow homeowners to open to get a clear and beautiful view without lifting the shades. It is one of the key solutions for homeowners that allow manipulating the light in order to create a customized feel. It is used to block the external light as well as people’s attention to get entered into the home. There are many more new features, and modern designed has been developed such as anti-dust features as well as quality fabric tapes for blinds. Custom Made Blinds is nowadays is using in various indoor as well as outdoor decoration for your residential and commercial places.

Blinds as Indoor Blinds in Melbourne

Nowadays increase the order of population demands more privacy. To keep this in mind Blinds Curtains and Shutters has created high quality durable indoor blinds that are very useful for your indoor decoration in order to ensure privacy as well as protection from harsh weather and harsh external factor. We are providing you with various types of indoor Custom Made Blinds for your personal use.

Roller blinds

Roller blinds are ideal for window furnishing due to its sleek, neat and compact design and facilities. It will complete control over the external light that is entering into your room. We are offering you an exclusive range of roller blinds that are crisp and contemporary window solution. If you look over our variant category custom blinds, you will get to see solid colors, corporate shades, and printed designer fabrics. Our customized products are maintenance free; you only need to do a little bit vacuuming.  Our Custom Made Blinds are very to use, but it will give you plenty of privacy and protection. It has moisture proof properties as well as UV and heat protection.

Sunscreen blinds

You can call it the best regulatory solution of sunlight. It is very useful for those who want to enjoy outside view without compromising on the temperature of the house. It will help to get natural light by creating a barrier that then sun can’t entirely get through. Now you can get full on the light in your space without stressing about the indoor sunburns. Our Custom Made Blinds is offering the fresh and attractive look and will ensure your privacy without spoiling your view. Blinds Curtains and Shutters is offering the latest range of fabrics and colors that will give you enough light to see outside and less light for the outside to look in. If you are worried about UV rays than it is your best solution because it filters almost 96 percent of UV rays. It has flame retardant properties. Apart from these, it will create an aesthetically pleasing look in your home or workplace.

Double roller blind

Looking for a classy and stunning Custom Made Blinds? Well, just look over our custom built Double roller blind; you will see gorgeous colors and unbelievably practical option that has more than one blind but in light-handedness. Here you will get a straightforward headrail for both the blinds. That means you fit once, and can enjoy twice! It will help you to enhance the decoration of your home as well as the business point. It is your ultimate privacy solution that is easy to assemble, install, adjust and need minimum maintenance.

Roman blinds

Once you experience the roman Custom Made Blinds of Blinds Curtains and Shutters, you will get a definition of classy and timeless beauty. It is an outstanding choice in which you will get plenty of patterns and shades. It will provide eye-pleasing beauty in your decoration, and you will like to spend with love and cherish. It will bring softness to your interior decoration. The versatile design, power of simplicity, and timeless style give you the perfect solution for your window furnishing. On the other hand, it will provide you with a clean and tidy look.

Timber Venetian blinds

This is our high-quality Custom Made Blinds that gives us lots of pride in blind’s world. It is a perfect window dressing blinds due to its flexibility and stylish design. Once you choose us, you will get to see the extensive range of shades, materials, and modern finishes. It will give you a bold style statement in your interior decoration and will help to turn out in a most well-liked way to costume and furnish your window. It comes in basswood, Pvc, ceder and aluminium material.  It will increase the energy efficiency of your indoor space and will give an ageless and graceful look.

Blinds as Outdoor Blinds in Melbourne

Ziptrak blinds

If you wish to create brand new space in your home, this Custom Made Blinds will help you to build it instantly. It will help you to get all year protection along with a sense of privacy. It will help to create your small outdoor sanctuary. Ziptrak blinds will help you to reduce heat transmission, and it is offering you up to 99% wind, rain, sun, and UV protection. If you want to get a clear outside view but to ensure the privacy at the same time, Ziptrak blinds are your solution.

Café blinds

These Custom Made Blinds are one of the best solutions for your outdoor area as well as the commercial space. It will ensure your protection from harsh external elements, and you will like to spend more time in your outdoor area. Café blinds are allowing you to experience the best outdoor entertainment and to maximize the uses of your outdoor space all year round without creating a static visual barrier.

Motorised blinds

Modern technology has brought a Custom Made Blinds known as Motorised blinds. It will enhance your lifestyle, comfort, and security. Blinds Curtains and Shutters are inviting to be a part of the electronic community. The entire operation you can control with the help of a remote button click. We are offering 240volt mains power system along with a 12-volt Lithium-ion battery operated by Acmeda. It is offering you 30db super quiet operation that is pretty much compatible with a range of home automation system. We are offering you a complete range of motorised internal and external blinds and is giving you 5-year warranty supported by the manufacturer. Contact us.

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