Advanced technology has introduced a variety of modern features in blinds world that enhance the quality and effortless operation of window treatment. It was a time when you have to put your effort if you want to roll down or roll up your blinds through a chain system. But today’s Electric Blinds has brought remote control or remote sensor blinds that are very easy to use and more of all it is completely effortless. The flow of automation affects everywhere, and everyone is going too benefited from it. Then why are you not? The Automatic Blinds are nothing but an easy option same as of manual blinds, i.e., you will receive all the features like manual blinds but here is an extra thing that you don’t have to move and put an effort for your entire blinds operation. Blinds Curtains and Shutters are offering you different custom-built best electric blinds that have a variety of modern features and facilities.

Why should you select motorised blinds?

Let’s discuss some key features that will give you a clear idea about Motorised Blinds in Melbourne,

  • It is very convenient. It is offering very convenient features for the elderly as well as physical disabilities people enabling them to operate heavy blinds with an easy and enable operation for the blinds that are on a high or difficult to reach position. At this point, an Electric Blinds is, therefore, a convenient option.
  • Motorised blinds have been developed according to incorporate sun sensors and wind as well as rain sensors; therefore it will react instantly according to weather condition. It will automatically be deployed when the sunlight strikes in front of the building, on the other hand, the wind and rain sensors ensure the external shades that are retracted when the weather is going to unpleasant like if the rain starts or the windblown away in order to protect the blinds from getting damaged.
  • Electric Blinds is offering the convenient operating system for operating single or multiple blinds in unison with the help of various remote uses.
  • These kinds of blinds are most children safe for window coverings since they eliminate the presence of manually operated chord or pulling chains that can be hazardous as well as dangerous for young children. Blinds Curtains and Shutters have developed customized motorised blinds according to child safety regulation act.
  • Electric Blinds operated through remote control system; therefore it eliminates the possibilities of wear and tear caused through manual operation and treatments of blinds. Once you give it proper installation, the motors will help to set the internal top and bottom limits in order to ensure that the blind never exceed their intended position and alignment.

Types of motorised blinds

Once you look over the blinds, you will experience there are several types of motorised blinds available for window treatment.

Hardwired motorised blinds

This Electric Blinds has designed and developed for optimal operation and precision control. It has many benefits over the standard operations window treatment.

It will help you to operate the blinds that are in hard to reach location.

Since it has no operating chords, therefore there is nothing that will block the view of your blinds or shades.

It is very easy to operate in your windows treatment. You just need to press a single button to get the entire operation done.

These Electric Blinds with the chord removed gives you a much safer operation for your homes with children or pets.

Powered blinds

It is a power tilt horizontal motorised products that has a battery powered system. It will allow you to tilt the slats to open or close by using a remote sensor. It is very easy to operate you only need to press a button of your blinds operation remotely. It will add more privacy and protect your space from harsh sunlight because you can tilt this Electric Blinds in exact position.

Power view motorisation

It is one of the recent innovative window treatments. It has all the application like other motorised blinds, but here you can do the entire operation through your smartphones or tablets. You can schedule a program for your window treatments. You can block the sunlight throughout the day or for a specific time. It is very convenient to operate. Just a button press can control your whole operation.

Motorisation or remote control system can be utilized for an array of products that includes,

Ziptrak blinds, roller blinds, roman blinds, curtain and sheers, awnings, fold arm awnings, and plantation shutters for your indoor as well as outdoor window treatment. Blinds Curtains and Shutters is helping you at this point by offering almost every indoor and outdoor blinds in an automated way.

Blinds Curtains and Shutters is offering compatible Electric Blinds

Blinds Curtains and Shutters is inviting you to join in automation community. You can now take control over the entire window treatment with the help of a remote click where everything is on remote control why not in your blinds! We have designed the blinds that will operate through remote controls that will ensure the flexibility with motorisation, which is endless. Our custom-built motorised system from leading manufacturers has developed to suit a diverse range of window configuration and budgets. We are the partner with leading motorisation suppliers we have access to offer exciting innovative and unique design products to our customer. We are offering you the Electric Blinds with the 240-volt mains power system. We are offering you non-powered 12-volt lithium ion battery operated by Acmeda, not only that we are offering an optional solar power system too. Our custom range of products will give super quiet 30db operations. Our products are very compatible with a variety of home automation system.

Once you choose Blinds Curtains and Shutters as your motorised blinds supplier, you will get a complete range of motorised external and internal blinds that will offer you the benefit of convenience. We are giving 5-year warranty supported by our manufacture. We are one of the oldest and reliable blinds suppliers in your region. Call us today to look over our custom range Electric Blinds.

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