Café Crank Cafe Blinds

Straight Drop outdoor blinds or crank blinds are Perfect for enclosingAlfresco’s, pergolas, verandas, and even windows. Crank blinds transform outdoor areas,

café style crank blinds are the perfect solution to protect against the elements, with either clear or tinted PVC or increase privacy using mesh material.

At Alfresco Blinds Co, we can custom-make café style crank blinds in any size and style to suit your style! We will design your screening solution to maximise the use of your outdoor areas all year round without creating a static visual barrier, allowing you to experience the best parts of being outdoors without worry.


Runs on a fully retractable system allowing you full control over the blind

Option for blinds to be hidden away out of sight when not in use with either a semi-cassette hood or NEW! Fully enclosed hood

Easy to operate using a simple geared crank mechanism

No channels or guides required

Can be used without pelmet

Can be installed on a angle to further increase space

Very effective in stopping Melbourne’s harsh rain and wind with clear or tinted PVC, and allows you to control sunlight and shade using quality mesh material

Available in a range of high quality fabrics, including acrylic filled canvas, mesh by rickyrichards or HVG Visiontexand or extruded clear or tinted PVC

Motorised option with remote control also available

Café style crank blinds are ideal for use where guides are not required or possible, or when the roof is free standing and no posts are available.

These also known as ‘straight drop’ fabric blinds consist of a top roller tube which can be wound up and down with a removable crank handle stick that clips into a control mechanism at one end either on the floor or at optimum requested heights or alternatively can be motorised.

Because they do not use visible ropes and pulleys, these versatile blinds can be easily hidden away when wound up. Café crank blinds can be installed with or without side guides and fixing points can be mounted on the ground using stainless steel flush mounted clips.

We manufacture all of our blinds to the highest quality. The brackets, gearbox, top and bottom roller tube are all of premium quality so they are sure to withstand the test of time!

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