If you want your Home to exude class, warmth and style then our custom-made drapery is a great option for you. A timeless choice for interior decorating and window furnishing, drapes can create an intimate environment or a formal setting, all while keeping that pesky glare out of your face and off your television. As Melbourne’s leaders in custom-made drapery, we can design, create and install a solution that’s great for you.

We are proud to support and supply a variety of Australia and Europe’s leading fabric brands which include

 Zepel Fabric

 Warwick Fabrics


 Hoad Fabrics


 Maurice Kain

 Wilson’s Fabric

And much more………

Get the Benefits of Great Curatin & Drapes

If you are a true Melbournian you then you can appreciate the term ‘four seasons in one day’ so versatility is key when it comes to choosing your furnishings. Curtain or Drapes have a wide range of benefits, from the look they create in your home to their benefits in any weather. Some of the great benefits include:

Visual Appeal

There is a reason that the timeless look of drapes has lasted over the years, Many trends i.e. roller blinds, roman blinds etc... have come and gone but curtain are timeless and are back stronger than ever. Our experienced decorator can assist you in choosing the best solution and will assist from start to finish.


Great for a more formal and stylish look or a warm and inviting interior. We can help you choose the fabrics and colours for your look!

Weather Ready

Drapes are usually more lined than other window furnishings, making them a heavy duty solution for blocking out the sun. As well as keeping you cool in summer, that lining acts as an insulator in winter, helping you to stay comfortable in any weather.

At Blinds Curtains and shutters, we don’t just provide you with great products and send you on your way. Our process starts with an expert consultant with over 40 years combined industry experience and our excellent service doesn’t stop until our job is installed.

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