Dual roller blinds – combine the best of both worlds

Dual roller blinds are manufactured to fit snug into the window maximizing space in any room. They add fresh, up-to-the-minute appeal in an extensive range of obtainable colours. Dual roller blinds allow you to mix & match the layers to produce an exceptional combination of roller blinds which work best for your home decor. Our dual roller blinds slot in two independent roller blinds into one shipshape bracket setup.

Advantages of dual roller blinds: –

 In a dual roller blind, one transparent blind allows you to take pleasure in the views while screening UV rays & nosey neighbours, and the second block-out blind offers nighttime privacy and heat retention which is essential for cool winter evenings.

 Aesthetically pleasing

 The versatility of fabrics, colours, and patterns

 Extremely flexible to use

 It’s a one-time investment as it lasts for years

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