Folding Arm Awnings Melbourne

The Folding Arm Awning also known as a retractable roof system is a great solution for providing sun, rain and weather shade for your Alfresco, patio, terrace, balcony, outdoor entertainment area. Also a fantastic option for cafés and restaurants to provide shade for outdoor seating areas.

Folding Arm Awnings require no frames, beams or posts for support as they self-support in the air, leaving the below area totally free from obstruction of posts. We offer the variety of Folding Arm Awnings in Melbourne which home owners loveand which are tailored to the size and uses required.

Folding Arm Awnings are a practical solution to a big problem in Melbourne as we have four seasons in a day! And many Melbournians cannot enjoy their outdoor space, many either cannot get a permit to built a patio or a pergola or many want the flexibility of having natural light in their home without a permanent fixture always being thereLuckily for our customers we have sourced 3 of the leading systems to accomade for any solution.

From the standard to the top of the range Armony system we have been the market leader in supplying Folding Arm Awnings in Melbourne both in domestic and commercial projects and can work with all budgets.

For folding arm awnings Melbourne businesses love, call us – we’d love to have a chat about what our qualified consultants can do for you.

How to choose the Right Model and Design for Your Home or Buisness

From our more economical standard open hood type to the full-cassette options, we have a large range of models that will suit your needs and requirements.

Depending on the model, you can go up to a width of 12 metres with a projection length of up to 4 metres if required.

Pitch or angle adjustment of the awning are optional extras on certain models, giving you the flexibility to position the awning anywhere from horizontal (0 degrees) down to approximately 40 degrees.

All awning frames are available in a standard colour range with the option of custom powder coating at an extra charge.

The luxury of your awning can be further enhanced with motorisation, motion detectors, wind and sun sensorsor controlled by remote control or home automation.

Read Below to aquire detailed information about Our available options


The KUMO Full-Cassette folding arm awning system provides modernity and elegance for your Melbourne home or business at an affordable price. It offers a retractable awning roof with an enclosed cassette and very few components, giving your home a clean, modern look. The beautiful smooth round cassette protects the fabric when the awning is not in use. This system can achieve an adjustment of between 5 to 85 degrees. The elegant design has no visible screws, giving you a clean, modern look, and can be top or face-fixed to your wall using high-quality aluminium brackets and supports. The KUMO comes in widths of up to 6 metres, with an arm projection of up to 3 metres. You can be confident that this wide retractable awning has been tested to withstand winds of up to 50 km/h, making it perfect for Melbourne’s changeable weather conaaditions. It’s available with manual operation, or motorised control with an optional remote control unit.


Manual or motorised system

Tested to withstand winds up to 50km/h

Can achieve up to 5.5m widths and 3m projection

Die cast aluminium bracket and supports

Stainless steel fixings

Colour matched components

Enclosed cassette that protects the blind when not in use

Offering between 5 to 85 degree inclination

Patented design


These systems use the Dynamic Arm Torsion system design. As the retractable awning arms open and close, they do so without touching the fabric, ensuring optimum damage prevention. This high-quality system uses only stainless steel components, giving you complete peace of mind.

Strong and secure eight link stainless steel chain

Outstanding mechanical performance

Fabric damage prevention

Teflon coated for marine grade protection

Arms can be adjusted to tilt in single degree increments

ArmonyBase Plus Italian Folding Arm Awning

Base Plus is a premium cassette awning with appealing smooth lines…

Fully retractable and totally enclosed, the life of the Base Plus Folding Arm Awning is prolonged as it is neatly stored while not in use. Its low profile is ideal for difficult spaces, and its pivoting mounting brackets allow a pitch angle adjustment of between 0-60 degrees (wall mounted) or 15-90 degrees (ceiling mounted).

The BAT Italy Armony Plus folding arm awning from Global Awning Accessories is a stylish awning with a full powder coated headbox to protect the fabric and componentry from the elements. The width of the Armony Plus can be up to 7 metres by 3.6 metres in projection.

The BAT Italy Base Plus is a fully enclosed cassette system, as is the Armony Plus. The differences being that the Base Plus is for smaller applications due to the location of the brackets.

Both awnings are available in standard white or in a wide choice of custom powder coat colours. Choose from a wide range of acrylic fabrics including Dickson Orchestra, HVG, Docril and InnovaLisos.

These awnings can be manually operated by gear and crank handle or motorised by a standard, remote operated motor or connected to a home automation system such as CBUS. A motionsensor or sun and wind sensor and rain sensor can be included with motorised systems.

The ARMONY PLUS Folding Arm has a Tipping system and New Designed Front Bar that enables a perfect seal of the cassette when it is closed. This provides protection for both the fabric and components from the elements.

The standard colour for ARMONY PLUS is White, but other personally selected powder coat colours are available, at an extra cost.

A Hood is available to prevent water and debris accumulating behind the cassette.

ARMONY PLUS can be built as small as 2080mm wide, with a projection of 1600mm. The largest ARMONY PLUS will span some 7 metres in width with a maximum projection of 3600mm.

Manual gear-box operation is the standard for the ARMONY PLUS, but most clients prefer the motorized option with a remote control, or wall switch.

With a range of arm sizes (1600mm, 1850mm, 2100mm, 2350mm, 2600mm, 2850mm, 3100mm and 3600mm) the ARMONY PLUS full cassette model combines classic lines with functionality, to provide the ultimate in sun-protection.

The pitch adjustment on the ARMONY PLUS models is set at installation and is usually some 15 degrees off the horizontal. Flat installations are NOT recommended.

The Base Plus Folding Arm Awning can be built as wide as 5.0m with a 3.1m projection and a tube size of 70mm diameter. The Base Plus Folding Arm Awning has its fixing at the end of the cassette. No intermediate fixing is required. The Base Plus Folding Arm Awning can be fixed to the wall or to the ceiling.

A perfect closing of the front bar is ensured through internal microregulation of the mechanism. Often motorised for ease of operation the Base Plus Folding Arm Awning can be fitted with a sun and wind sensor to further reduce the risk of damage to the awning in adverse weather conditions.

The Base Plus Folding Arm Awning is ideal for areas up to 5 meters wide and requiring a coverage of 3100mm.

ArmonyBase Plus Italian Folding Arm Awning

For larger Patio and commercial installations, Folding Arm Awnings are an immensely strong system constructed around a 40mm x 40mm square bar. This system can span up to 12 metres in width and project up to 3.6 metres (Please note that awnings over 6 metres wide are recommended to have motorisation).

The ‘Australia’ Folding Arm Awning features:: –

70mm – 78mm galvanised top tube

7:1 Gear Box is Standard

Streamlined heavy Extruded Front Bar

Optional Extendable front valance

Heavy Duty arms with stainless steel chain

Projections from 1600mm to 3600mm

Standard colours are White, Grey Ivory (other colours available on request)

Fabrics and colours are available in the Mesh or Acrylic range.

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