Transform any room using soft furnishings into a designer masterpiece, our in-home window furnishing consultants are experts in providing design guidance. We source on the best products and use only the recognized industry leading brands.

Our custom-made Drapes, sheers or curtains are a create a great insulator for your home, they can control the light in your home and achieve your design vision.

Why Choose Curtains?

Curtains & Sheers are a great option as a window covering in your home for a number of reasons. Enjoy a custom solution that is made to match your style and a subtle design that forms a great foundation for the design of your room. Our professional team can provide and install curtains with a great range of benefits. These such benefits include:

Light Blockage

There is no better solution in the blinds industry today that can block 99% of light coming into a room using fully backed curtain fabric whilst also providing the best insulation from heat and cold.

Sound Reduction

If you have hardwood floors and tiles around your home then you know how much noise they make. This also helps block the light bleeding onto the ceiling from the window – known as the “halo effect” – (excellent for home theatres!)

The soft fabric of curtains absorbs some of this noise, creating a quieter home for you and your family.

Energy Savers

Do you want to be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer without battling to keep your utility bills low? Curtains may be the solution. They let in just the right amount of sun and have great insulation qualities to allow heat not to escape in winter and retain cool in summer.

Drapes are a great accessory for your window furnishings, providing a classy warm feel, whilst having an elegant appearance and enhancing the effectiveness of your curtains

Curtain & Blinds Enhancing Accessorise

Curtains are a fantastic way to decorate your home, but there are many ways to further enhance the effect to your window covering which include:


Filter light, ensure privacy and stop UV in its tracks with laces and sheers for your curtains.

Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds can work in combination with curtain & sheers to create a warm yet modern appeal to new home

Swags and Tails

Make a statement with swags and tails that add a decorative touch to your home.

Padded Pelmets

Form meets function with these custom window dressings. They provide temperature control by eliminating heat loss in your room and can hide tracks and pleats. Pelmets also can be designed as a feature to provide that wow factor to your home

Austrian Valances

Available in various looks, valances are fitted to tracks, headboards, or rods and are a great option for your room.


Sheers or Laces as they a known are a light filtering product which allow for light come through your window with you being able to look out with privacy, just like today’s modern e-screen roller blinds but being much more elegant.

With sheers in your rooms, you can bring the outside in, breaking down visual barriers between the indoors and outdoors to help you to make the most of all the natural home light on offer. The sophisticated interior design features also enable you to keep your views of the world outside while helping you to maintain your privacy.

They also act as a UV inhibitor to slow the fading process and they will enhance your drapery or blinds. Sheers can be made in various ways too, and fitted on appropriate tracking and rods. They can be fixed, Hand drawn or Corded or even Motorised. Soft Laces are delicately plain, but can more intricate with embroidery work. Organza Sheers are very popular at the moment and have a shiny look and feel that can look quite elegant.

Organza Sheer’s are back with vengeance and are the no1 selected product by interior decorator and on the show the block. There is nothing boring about Sheers! Now proving a feature rather than a secondary inclusion! There is a selection that could leave you confused! From soft silks to bright and bold, from lacey laces to silver and gold!

For a room that needs only light filtering and daytime privacy, try earthy toned Sheers. In today’s market the most popular option has to be the ‘S’ fold appearance of the Sheer which is achieved by the track and tape style.

What are S Fold Curtains and sheers?

Love the luscious look that you get in those fancy up-market boutique store or hotels you stayed at? … Then you’ve probably been drooling over gorgeous S- Fold Sheer Curtains!

S fold curtains (also known as ripple fold sheers) get their name from the shape they create. If you took a bird’s eye view of an S fold curtain you would see the soft “S” shape created by the specially designed track. The fabric is not pleated like the traditional pencil pleat or triple pinch pleat as the S fold is not formally pleated but held in place by the track with special poly-carbonate carriers. We call them S-Fold as most people are NOW familiar with this term.

Sleek and subtle to the eye, the S fold Pleated Sheers has a very modern appearance with gently and continuously folded drapery from the beginning to the end. It is common for these sheers to be raised from floor to ceiling and extended wall to wall to create that grand appeal. The perfect shape of the way the fabric is created by the uniquely designed track. No pleats or gathers are needed to create this stylish look.

Dramatic folds and easy operation make our Ripple Fold drapery a great choice for creating a modern look. Perfect for large areas, S-fold sheer curtains can be used to unify multiple windows or large expanses by covering an entire wall. Ripple Fold drapery glides along a low-profile track that seamlessly blends with your wall or ceiling, making it a great solution for corners, floor-to-ceiling windows or other hard to manage spaces.

This style of curtain pleating is suitable for use with hand drawn, corded and motorised curtain tracks. They are very well suited for tracks that need to be curved to accommodate bends when 2 windows at right angles are treated with one continuous curved track.

We can help you decide whether you want a manual or motorised system, a minimal or feature hardware system. S-Fold tracks can be ceiling fixed or wall fixed depending upon the look you want. By ceiling mounting the track you can achieve a dramatic look and help give the impression of a higher ceiling.

A ‘Butt Master Carrier’ can be used to further reduce stack-back. Curtains simply snap on and off the Ripple Fold or S Fold tape.

S-Fold tracks are available in numerous colours with white and anodised silver being the most popular, and can allow for a double track. Whether you love the look of decorative sheer fabrics or a block-out lined fabric, the Ripple Fold track can accommodate either style. If you want the best of both worlds, you can even have a decorative sheer on the front track and block-out lining on the rear. Ripple Fold tracks are so versatile!

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