Plantation Shutters – Stylish and Practical

Plantation shutters, sometimes also called plantation blinds, are interior shutters with broad louvers. These are solid frame structures with huge panels and broad slats that cover the whole window. They are one of the most popular kinds of shutters. The larger louvers provide the shutters a ‘pleasing to the eye’ look, which works well in bedrooms and dining rooms. However, these versatile window furnishings also translate to casual rooms such as kitchens and dens. .

Some important features of plantation shutters: –

 Allow homeowners flexibility in controlling the amount of air, light, and noise they choose to enter their houses.

 They are extremely light and strong due to its highest strength-to-weight ratio.

 They can be easily painted or stained

 Plantation Shutters have the natural, classic look of real wood and the premium quality of handcrafted hardwoods.

  These are child-safe and offer increased insulation.

  They proffer an enjoyable, timeless flair to your interior decor.

  They are eco-friendly and thus promote a green initiative.

Basswood Shutters – Best of window treatments

Basswood shutters are a fine insulator, and when adjusted properly can keep your house warm in the cold winters, and well-ventilated in the warm summers. Basswood is ideal for producing shutters due to its weight, density, and resistance to warping. Our exclusive range is custom-made to your measurements and available in a range of hues. Nothing adds style and character to a window better than a ‘basswood shutter’!

The following characteristics make basswood shutters stand out of the lot –

 Basswood is a renewable resource

 It has superior gluing & finishing properties

 It has a high-quality finish providing value for money

 Custom-made to suit all window sizes and shapes

 Basswood being a ‘medium density timber’ is neither too light nor too heavy. However, it is reasonably hard to withstand bumps and shocks

Poplar Shutters – Impeccable durability and admirable elasticity

Poplar is a popular wood used by the BCS for making custom poplar shutters. It hails from the genus ‘Populus’, which encompasses aspen & cottonwood trees. We will provide you with one of the finest quality poplar shutters to be found in the entire blinds industry.

Some characteristics of poplar shutters: –

 Poplar shutters are extremely long-lasting

 The light wood colour, typically white along with some yellow colour, makes poplar shutters an easy wood to stain

 They exhibit unimpeachable elasticity which allows some bending action and thus they don’t snap easily

Aluminium Shutters – A great choice!

Aluminium shutters present an ideal solution for enhancing the modern architecture of your home. They minimize energy loss with ‘heat flow through’. These shutters help your room stay cool, play with light & create a stunning contemporary look.

There are a number of benefits of aluminium shutters: –

 Protection from the sun & wind

 Privacy from the neighbors

 Enhanced security with locking mechanisms

 Ventilating airflow

 Well-dressed, streamlined appearance

 Lower air-conditioning bills

 You may put aside fears of warping from contact with water

 Intrinsic strength to withstand wear & tear

 Sliding and hinged installation options for easy access

 Just a wipe with a wet cloth will do the cleaning

PVC Shutters – a lifelong experience

PVC Shutters are more than merely a practical window treatment. They offer a timeless, classic look that enhances the style of your home. These shutters have UV inhibitors, do not absorb moisture, delaminate, split or crack, and are excellent for bathrooms and kitchens. PVC shutters offer clear-cut cost benefits, both in procurement & throughout the life cycle.

Advantages of installing PVC Shutters –

 Strength and longevity

 Easy to clean

 Allows you to set the right ambience in your business premises

 Impervious to dampness

 Can resist sudden outbursts of winds and rains

 Play a decisive role in promoting energy & cost-efficient thermal insulation

 PVC shutters are 100 per cent recyclable and thus resource-saving

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