What is the reason for the popularity of Double Roller Blinds in Melbourne?

Summer holidays & the end of a school term bring back to me the gorgeous memories of fun & gay abandon with siblings, friends, relatives, and the rest of the family. None watched the clock, save for your Dad, who would have to go to work. Mom too used to be so joyful. Her face was forever beaming, planning out your favourite menus. Late brunches, picnics, long cycle rides, summer clubs and a lot of ice-cream. One vital chore was a must! All of you had to get together & clean up the loft. Invariably your projector, a gift to you for one Christmas, would leave the storage. By rotating the disc of slides, you would lose yourselves in an ancient fairy-tales world. Your bedroom would turn into a makeshift cinema hall. Pulling down the Double Roller Blinds in Melbourne and throwing some additional sheets on to your windows was all you needed. Such thrill and excitement! You talk to your kids about it today, and it sounds out of date to them. Today is the day of multiplex cinemas, X-box, and a click on the remote control can turn your family room into show time. What a far cry from the blinds and shades you operated with the help of springs!

What makes Double Roller Blinds in Melbourne work?


  • Roller tube – the fabric of the double roller shade rolls around it & is never exposed, even when the shade is wholly lowered.
  • End plug – also called the ‘rotator’, it fits into the end of the ‘roller tube’ opposite the ‘clutch’ and allows the tube to rotate freely. The ‘rotation pin’ on the plug fits into the ‘installation bracket’.

  • Clutch – When the ‘cord’ is pulled the ‘clutch’ rotates the roller tube, lowering or raising the shade.

  • Beaded cord – A continuous loop that is utilized to raise and lower the Double Roller Blinds in Melbourne.

  • Beaded cord connector – The connector fixes the two ends of a ‘beaded cord’. Each connector serves as a ‘stop’ for both the upper & lower travel limits.

  • Cord tensioner – For enhanced child & pet safety, and to make sure that the chains aren’t a choking hazard, a ‘tensioning device’ is provided. It locks the ‘chain’ so that it cannot be ‘unthreaded’. It doesn’t have to be tight, just taut enough to create a loop. Cord tensioners are important for Double Roller Blinds in Melbourne. It is screwed to an ‘architrave’, and then screwed to the tensioner. Without a ‘tensioner’, loose chains have to be secured so that they don’t form a loop of 220 mm or 1600 mm above the floor level and can’t be undone by any child.

  • Cassette mounting brackets – these are used to mount shades from the top (the ceiling mount) or from the back (the wall mount).

  • End cap – this covers the end bracket for a tidy, coordinated look.
  • Bottom rod or rail – adds weight to the fabric.

Manual or motorised Double Roller Blinds in Melbourne

Dual Roller Shades are pretty easy to operate, with diverse operating systems to select from. They can be spring-assisted, operated by a chain drive, completely motorized – in the latter option, and you can even link a good number of shades together so that a good number of shades can be closed and opened at the same time. This makes life pretty easy and you do not have to worry about children being harmed by it.

Double Roller Blinds in Melbourne utilize a broad selection of tubular motors which are mounted & hidden from view inside your roller tube. It is compact, powerful and is able to operate in shades of any width. Tubular motors have become the standard motorized operating systems for window shade treatments, awnings, shutters, and projection screens across the world. These are electrically powered, or battery operated. Motorised lifting systems allow you to raise and lower window shadings with ease.

Motorized Double Roller Blinds in Melbourne are convenient to make use of as they are operated with buttons of a remote control. Each mode is controlled by pushing a suitable button for either night or day or manual adjustment. It is a huge convenience as the user can operate the shades from one particular location. Some of the systems can also be configured to open & close at scheduled times of the day which helps with energy savings.

Operating Double Roller Blinds in Melbourne manually is possible with the help of an external cord. By pulling the cord up and down, you can adjust the window shades to the appropriate level of sunlight control and privacy. It is a less costly option because of the absence of electric motors & controllers. However, it is not advisable to make use of as it is against the safety of children.

Timer controls and the sunlight sensors options teamed with motorisation are for those who like to prevent their furnishings and floors while they’re away at work or on holiday. This helps to conserve energy by minimizing air conditioning & heating requirements.

When the number of window shades to be controlled is numerous, Dual Link Couplers link individual shades together, letting one pair of motors to control multiple window shades. A multi-link system permits two or more roller shades to be joined together.

The advantages of Double Roller Blinds in Melbourne –

  • The advantage of dual roller shades is that it can be adjusted to diverse levels that cater to your needs of natural lighting, light blocking or bedroom darkening and privacy.

  • It has a light filtering shade which allows light to filter in smoothly and provides privacy, providing the room an extremely comfortable ambiance. It does not cut out the view outside, and images & shapes can be seen, but not in a very distinct manner. If a deep fabric colour is chosen for light filtering, it offers moderate light while light colours provide lower light control.

  • The room darkening Double Roller Blinds in Melbourne block out the sunlight wholly and darkens the room. It cuts off the sun glare and facilitates the usage of computers & video screens, minimizes heat gain & blocks off the impact of harmful ultraviolet rays. When lowered, they cut off your view of the outside ultimately proffering complete privacy. At nighttime, they are appropriate for cutting of sunlight entering your rooms from the street lamps, a busy neighbourhood or traffic, creating a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere for having a sound sleep.

  • With the extensive variety of fabrics now available, Double Roller Blinds in Melbourne can be custom made according to the requirements of light filtering & light blockage. A combination of a sheer solar shade & a darkening room shade will serve a dual purpose. Sheer solar shades prevent the room’s furnishings & rugs from harmful ultraviolet rays while softening the natural light. Room Darkening or Blockout Blinds in Melbourne can block out the sunlight by just flipping a switch or raising & lowering the desired shades by hand. This speaks about the flexibility of dual roller blinds that can match your mood, your activities, or even the hour of the day.

  • Double Roller Blinds in Melbourne are energy efficient. They control the amount of light and heat entering your homes in summer. This indirectly lowers the temperature inside your homes in summer, maintaining a comfortable, warm ambience. Air cons and other cooling gadgets bear the lesser load, cutting down on energy consumption. Double roller shades have been strongly recommended for better energy efficiency in your homes. The reflective side has to always face the warmest side or outward side in the winter season, and inward during the summer season.

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