Double Blinds in Melbourne is one of the lowest price and easy selection option that combines the best of both the worlds. Here you will get the innovative blind system that includes two different types of blinds on a single bracket. Double Roller Blinds in Melbourne has two layers one is block out, and the other is transparent sunscreen. Therefore you are free to switch between the blackout blinds for complete privacy and darkness to the transparent sunscreen layers that let in fresh, natural light while preserving your clear external view. Blinds Curtains and Shutters is offering custom made Double Blinds in Melbourne that are available in blackout, sunscreen, and light filtering fabrics, which is offering a selection of classic and designer ranges in order to cater for any style in any budget. We are helping you to create a unique, sophisticated as well as innovative window furnishing that will not only enhance the look and appearance of your room but will change completely the way you live within it. Our custom range dual blinds are available in both manuals as well as a motorised option.

Enjoy complete darkness in your space

Blinds Curtains and Shutters is offering high-quality Double Blinds in Melbourne in which the blockout fabric is giving you the guarantee to block any outside light that gets entered into your room. If the screen glare is a big issue and resistant in your inside home entertainment, our Twin Roller Blinds have ideal fabric that will help you at this point. On the other hand, it is beneficial for those who work during the night and during the day, our double blinds are the best solution. Our customized blockout fabric will help you to turn your bedroom into a peaceful sanctuary and will help you to get free from any outside light as well noise that may make it difficult to fall asleep. Due to our innovative design, our Double Blinds in Melbourne will work with anything or any harsh factor that life throws at you. Therefore our blinds are an excellent solution for everyday use. In another point, our screen fabric is lightly tinted. That means it is allowing light to pass through the blinds without getting too harsh. In that case, a delicate ambiance will create in your room. Our customized products are a better solution for those who are looking for a bit more variety as well as innovative design than a standard or regular blind.

Now enjoy Two in One!

Yes, Blinds Curtains and Shutters are offering you to enjoy the facility of two in single Double Blinds in Melbourne. We are offering you two classy blind in a single price tag. At this, you might think that more than one blind will be heavy-handedness, but once you experience it, you will get to see that it is unbelievably practical in reality. And the main thing is that all our customized products come in a variety of gorgeous colors that are very complemented with the rest of your home decoration. Here you will get to see merely one single as well as simple headrail for both the blinds. Now you need to fit our Double Blinds in Melbourne once, and then you will enjoy privacy and comfort for a lifetime. Some of the key features of our products are:-

We are offering you latest design blinds along with attractive ranges of stunning colors, patterns, and style. Our product will not only ensure your privacy and comfort but will create a beautiful appearance in your home.

We are ensuring you the ultimate privacy by an easy installation along with easy assembly and adjustment. Once you look over our products, you will experience that, how quickly our Double Blinds in Melbourne will enhance the decoration of your residential as well as the commercial area.

Our custom built blinds will prevent bleaching and dulling of colors that occur in those items that are continuously exposed in harsh sunlight. On the other hand, our blinds need minimum maintenance, only a regular cleaning or vacuuming is enough to maintain its brand new look along with pleasing eye appearance.

Now maximize your space through our customized Double Blinds in Melbourne

Our double blinds will help to maximize your space. The product has manufactured to fit snug into the window in order to maximize the space in any room. We have an extensive range of obtainable colors option that will add fresh and up to the minute appeal in your area. Once you install our double blinds, you will experience that how the blinds allow you to mix and match the layers to produce an exceptional combination that will work best for your home decoration. In our double blind, there are two independent roller blinds into one shipshape bracket setup.

Benefits of double blinds

Once you install Double Blinds in Melbourne of Blinds Curtains and Shutters, you will enjoy the following advantages.

In our double blinds, the transparent layer will allow you to take pleasure in the external views at the time of screening the UV rays as well as noisy neighbors. On the other hand, the second blockout layer will help you to get a night like privacy even in the middle of a day along with heat retention that is essential for a chilly winter evening.

Our customized blinds will help you to get a pleasing eye appearance in your home through your window furnishing. It will give you an aesthetically pleasing look that will create a favorable impression of yours in visitors mind.

It is effortless to use. You can operate it without any guideline. On the other hand, it is very flexible that will help you align and intend it at your desired position.

If you consider cost calculation, our Double Blinds in Melbourne is a one-time investment because of its strength, hard wearing, and durability. Once you install, it will last for long.

It will work as a best insulating system for your rooms. It will not only offer an aesthetic feature but also ensure your room insulation as well. It can insulate any external elements that come in your home from outside such as harsh light, sound, and temperature. Our Double Blinds in Melbourne will also protect your valuable property from getting damaged.

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